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Experience the most important sacred and religious sites in England and Scotland through my eyes. Review the history and look at the pictures.

The Church of the Crooked Spire

Its ponderous steeple, pillared in the sky Rises with twist in pyramidal form, And threatens danger to the timid eye That climbs in wonder. Samuel Bromley 1822 St. Mary and All Saints Church was finished around 1360. It is the … Continue reading

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Surprising Stonehenge

About Stonehenge is a collection of enormous prehistoric stones prearranged in a semi-circle on the side of a hill in southwest England. That is all that is known for certain. Some believe it to be an ancient burial group, a … Continue reading

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Lindisfarne Island

[wpvideo OmEjYHrR] My business partner Bill joined me this weekend for my travels.  Bill is great fun and enjoys the trips.  This was really a trip he has always wanted to make as he loves religious history and this island … Continue reading

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Church Island – Anglesey, Wales

I crossed the bridge from mainland Wales to Anglesey.  It is an island off of the northwest coast of Wales.  You have to look close because it looks like one land mass divided by a river.  Anglesey is where Beaumaris … Continue reading

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