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St. Paul’s Cathedral

About On September 5, 1666 a fire started at a bakery on Pudding Lane. It gutted the medieval city of London inside the old Roman city walls. It threatened, but never reached the aristocratic city of Westminster. 13,200 homes were … Continue reading

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Canterbury Cathedral

About Canterbury has been a place of Christian worship for 1700 years. The city was originally built by the Romans before becoming the capital of Kent under the Saxons. In 400 A.D. the Romans departed Britain and left it a … Continue reading

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Westminster Abbey, London

About The crown jewel of religious buildings in England is the abbey in Westminster. It is one of the world’s greatest churches. What is unique about Westminster Abbey is that it is “Royal Peculiar”, a term meaning that the Dean … Continue reading

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Durham Castle

About Durham Castle dates back to Norman times. Construction began in 1072 shortly after William the Conqueror defeated the British at the Battle of Hastings. Since 1840 it has served as the home to Durham College. More than 100 students … Continue reading

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Lindisfarne Island

[wpvideo OmEjYHrR] My business partner Bill joined me this weekend for my travels.  Bill is great fun and enjoys the trips.  This was really a trip he has always wanted to make as he loves religious history and this island … Continue reading

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St. Andrews Cathedral and Castle

St. Andrews Cathedral dominated the history of the medieval church in Scotland from its construction in the 12th century until the Protestant Reformation in 1560.  A church had occupied this site since the 8th century when the relics of St. … Continue reading

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Manchester, England

For those of you who don’t know, Manchester is in the northern part of England.  I am east of Liverpool about 50 miles (I will make it over to the Beatles museum before I go) and Newcastle is to the … Continue reading

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Leeds, England

I am so far behind on my posting but will try to add a bit every night for a few days.  Work has kept me busy over 12 hours a day but I try my best to take an hour … Continue reading

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