This blog started as a personal journey.  Away from my family and friends on business, I wrote across the Atlantic of my experiences.  Determined this time to go to a country and really explore it, I took every opportunity to see the wonderful historical sites of the U.K.   Due to the response, this blog is undergoing a transformation.  First, it will become a website to help people who want to see or experience the UK online.  This blog will transform over time into a tool to help those preparing for their own trip.  Second, there are students of history and literature that might use this blog to be able to better understand or visualize those magical places where they can see it for themselves…through my eyes.

There will be more changes coming soon to the website.  Please tell your friends and family to join the blog and be part of my journey.  Feel free to comment!

John Royer

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  1. James says:

    Wow, looks like you have seen and learned more about the UK than most people living here ! Looks great hope to see you up in the North East of Scpotland some time!

    All the best


  2. Greetings to you John. I have always been fascinated by the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, with its three distinct parts, and I can see that you have been too. I discovered your blog by googling information about the possibility of visiting the large circular space at the top of the bottom innermost dome – the one that is covered in murals and seen from the floor (and the whispering gallery) of the cathedral. I strongly suspect that that particular part of the complex engineering of the domes is off limits, but having once seen an early C20th picture of a person looking down from the top, I have always wanted to do the same. Thanks for your nicely presented article about St Paul’s. One little suggested correction. Your caption of one of the side views of St Paul’s idenitifies it as the ‘north’ side, but in fact it’s the south.
    All best wishes from
    Lancelot of Melbourne, Australia

    • teacherideclare says:

      Hi Lancelot – It has been almost two years since you responded to my website. It has been that long since I have even opened it. It is a long story, but I finally have it back up again and will make some updates. My direction is wrong! I will try to go back and make the correction. Thanks for letting me know and I apologize for the slow response.


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