This blog started out being about my journey to the U.K. on business.  It still is, but something else has happened.  Due to the response from those of you who follow this blog it is under going a transformation.  First, it will become a website to help people who want to see or experience the UK on-line, whether you are preparing for a trip or you want to experience the UK through my eyes.  Second, there are students of history and literature that might use this blog to be able to better understand or visualize those magical places when they see it for themselves…through my eyes.  In the end allow my eyes to be yours for this journey to the UK.

There will be more changes coming soon to the website.  Please tell your friends and family join the blog and be part of our journey.  Feel free to comment!

John Royer

2 Responses to About

  1. The General says:

    JR, all I can say from reading your blog is you have a fertile mind with an amazing writing ability.

    • ukthrumyeyes says:

      I will go see Abbey Road by the way, maybe this weekend as I am in London. I have always wanted to be a writer but I am not a good editor. Creative? Yes but my ADD keeps me from being enough of a perfectionist.

      Thanks again.

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